Toddler Years

Mornings in Sophia’s Playroom


Every morning Sophia wakes my husband Rizley up with ‘Daddy Daddy wake up pleasssssee it’s ten o’clock daddy let’s go to the living room pleaseee’. It’s usually about 5.30am when this happens. I’m not sure where she got ten o’clock from but it shocks Rizleys sleep induced brain into thinking he’s late for work and jolts him right out of bed.


And then every morning she puts on her fabulous shades and they’ll sit in her little table in her playroom and play with Playdough for an hour while I catch up on some of the sleep I lost the previous night, because every time Sophia wakes up in the night (it’s a lot of times) she thinks it is time to start her day! And it takes military style restraint on my part to calmly help her back to sleep.

This is probably the biggest advantage of having an endless supply of playdough from #sophiasplayroom at home. It’s such a great open ended ‘toy’ that it doesn’t require a lot of planning or effort into setting it up at bleak hours of the morning.

How does your toddler start the day? And what is the go to toy at your hosue in the morning?

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I promise!

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