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Bath time is really sensory play time.

Sophia spends all of her time doing 'very important business documents' (in her own cute little words, because that's what daddy does at office) including subjugating all of her 'friends' (soft toys), coming up with innovative refuding┬áher food, that she demands I make... from scratch... for every meal... and trying her hardest to make me… Continue reading Bath time is really sensory play time.

Toddler Years

Mornings in Sophia’s Playroom

  Every morning Sophia wakes my husband Rizley up with 'Daddy Daddy wake up pleasssssee it's ten o'clock daddy let's go to the living room pleaseee'. It's usually about 5.30am when this happens. I'm not sure where she got ten o'clock from but it shocks Rizleys sleep induced brain into thinking he's late for work… Continue reading Mornings in Sophia’s Playroom