Preschooler, Sensory Play, Toddler Years

Bath time is really sensory play time.

Sophia spends all of her time doing ‘very important business documents’ (in her own cute little words, because that’s what daddy does at office) including subjugating all of her ‘friends’ (soft toys), coming up with innovative refuding her food, that she demands I make… from scratch… for every meal… and trying her hardest to make me give her baths.

This she does by ‘accidentally’ spilling water from a big girls cup, or finding ‘disgusting’ specks of dirt on her clothes, or self, that somehow mommy cant see, or somehow actually finding ways to dirty her clothes and/or self; and her new favorite, she just prepares to take it herself, i.e she removes her clothes and screams at the top of her cute little voice for it!.

So basically, we spend a lot of time in the bath. Like a lot. and we have a lot of baths. I’m pretty sure we’re going to have environmental activists camping out in the corridor of our apartment protesting the amount of bath water we use.

All of this bath time requires a lot of bath activity planning on my part. Here’s a list of our favorite go to non-toxic, and still taste safe, bath-time sensory activities and play material from Sophia’s Playroom.

  • Fishing for Tadpoles


Best lazy/sick/’omg why do toddlers need so much entertaining’ day activity. Just fill the tub (we use our sensory tub for baths now, because…Fun!), throw in a handful of ‘Basiloah-eeds’ (Basil seeds), include a strainer and some cups and you’re good to go. Also good luck with sitting outside the bathroom for the next two hours till they are done playing with it. Because that does happen. Just ask my husband!

  • Ice excavating


Freeze plastic animals, costume jewelry, toys and absolutely anything else you can think of in ice molds. Include a toy hammer, or in our case a rolling pin! Older kids could also try melting the ice with salt.

  • Exploring magical fizzing hatching eggs.


This is a great activity to introduce the concept ‘egg babies’ and ‘baby babies’ in a very basic way. Now, any new animal she comes across, her first instinct is to ask me if it makes an ‘egg baby’ or an ‘baby baby’. Its been the cutest thing. I’ve tried to explain that all offspring actually do come from an egg originally, but this followed a avalanche of questions and I don’t think i’m ready for that conversation yet.

  • Foam board bath murals


These stick to the side of the tub or wall when wet, creating amazing masterpieces. The best part is Sophia gets to ‘draw’ what ever she likes to go on her mural and I cut it out for her.

But be warned, its a vicious cycle, the more fun the bath is, the more baths they’ll want to take, which then requires more bath time activities planning, which leads to more baths… and on and on we go!

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