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Print-making with Pre-schoolers (Part 1)

We've been  on a bit of a print-making adventure lately. It has slowly become our new favorite Art activity. Here are a few ideas if you would like to give it a go. A word of caution, these are 'Mess level': Supersonic, so use appropriate measures to safeguard walls, clothes, furniture, etc. Do not be like… Continue reading Print-making with Pre-schoolers (Part 1)

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Preschooler, Pretend Play, Sensory Play, Toddler Years

How we use our Play spaces.

For a little bit of Playroom inspiration this is our Mini Playroom tour, in keeping with the playroom theme this week, see how we use our play spaces.   Pretend play is my little girls favorite activity. She will happily play in this pretend play corner the whole day if I let her. Honestly,… Continue reading How we use our Play spaces.

Pretend Play

How ‘Toy Rotation’ has kept me from burning all the toys in my House!

  Or for a less dramatic title, how to organize toys (and get more use out of them) to foster independent play among toddlers and preschoolers. The toy monsters been visiting our house a bit too much for my liking lately so I started reorganizing the Playroom, and realized this would make a useful post… Continue reading How ‘Toy Rotation’ has kept me from burning all the toys in my House!

Preschooler, Pretend Play, Sensory Play

How we play with Pretend Melting Ice Cream

Pretend Melting Ice cream is by far Sophia's favorite sensory play material. Playdough is a very close second, but since she only gets to experience pretend melting ice cream once in a way, it always wins! This is most definitely a out door activity, and since we live in an apartment, its usually saved for… Continue reading How we play with Pretend Melting Ice Cream

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Bath time is really sensory play time.

Sophia spends all of her time doing 'very important business documents' (in her own cute little words, because that's what daddy does at office) including subjugating all of her 'friends' (soft toys), coming up with innovative refuding her food, that she demands I make... from scratch... for every meal... and trying her hardest to make me… Continue reading Bath time is really sensory play time.

Toddler Years

Mornings in Sophia’s Playroom

  Every morning Sophia wakes my husband Rizley up with 'Daddy Daddy wake up pleasssssee it's ten o'clock daddy let's go to the living room pleaseee'. It's usually about 5.30am when this happens. I'm not sure where she got ten o'clock from but it shocks Rizleys sleep induced brain into thinking he's late for work… Continue reading Mornings in Sophia’s Playroom