Preschooler, Sensory Play, Toddler Years

It’s Slimey!

Slime is one of our all time favorite play material!


Sometimes we play with it all by itself. It has the most amazing, unusual texture that kids don’t usually come across, the result? Unending hours of captivated interest!

Other times, we include fun little add ons, like these cute ‘animal friends’ and it instantly became small world pretend play.

Here Sophia is making the animals a tight rope to walk over the swamp from which she rescued them at the beginning of this activity!

I had no idea she understood the concept of a tight rope, even though we’ve been reading about it in her new circus themed book.


It’s wonderful to see the things she reads or hears about materializing during sensory or pretend play. This is when I know she really understand all that we talk about, and is not just repeating what she hears.

Sophias Playroom makes slime in any colour imaginable and is completely taste safe. Give our favorite boredom buster a try, and let us know how you play with slime at home.

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