Preschooler, Pretend Play, Sensory Play, Toddler Years

How we use our Play spaces.

For a little bit of Playroom inspiration this is our Mini Playroom tour, in keeping with the playroom theme this week, see how we use our play spaces.




Pretend play is my little girls favorite activity. She will happily play in this pretend play corner the whole day if I let her. Honestly, which little girl wouldn’t, its got a Doll house AND Dress-up.


chalk board


Art cart, chalk board, yearly hand print wall as a daily reminder that she won’t stay little for ever. This is also the place we use the most for crafting and any other play that needs a large floor space.


bench window

This window probably has the best view in our whole apartment, its directly across our city’s Town Hall and to the left its the beautiful park, which is, in a way, an extension of our play space as we spend every evening there.

We also have more seating, a little Music corner, and a window sill filled with art supplies to inspire lots of daily creativity.


reading corner


And this is my favorite space, we spend a good amount of our time cuddled up here, either reading or talking about our dreams.


Toy rack plain


To see how I organize the toy rack to make sure all the toys get used, 
check out my previously post about toy rotation.

We are so so very grateful we get to laze our days away in this little girls sanctuary.

I would love to hear about your play space, do you have a dedicated room or are you more comfortable having your kids near you in the living room?

I would also love to see photos of your play space, please share them with our little community on this Facebook tread or with the Instagram hashtag #sophiasplayroomshare

Love and love till next time lovelies!


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