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How we play with Pretend Melting Ice Cream

Pretend Melting Ice cream is by far Sophia’s favorite sensory play material. Playdough is a very close second, but since she only gets to experience pretend melting ice cream once in a way, it always wins!

This is most definitely a out door activity, and since we live in an apartment, its usually saved for either the balcony or as a bath time activity.

Today we are using it in our pretend ice cream shop. It melts just like real ice cream. The chocolate flavour smells and feels like chocolate ice cream!


The amazing thing about this sensory play material is that it only ‘melts’ when you handle it.


This is the pretend melting ice cream that we left untouched during the entire hour of play, and its only slightly melted.


Where as the stuff we were playing with ended up like this!


But the best part has to be, that you can just collect the whole lot after play, in containers and refreeze it for another day of awesome play. It is going to be a mix of flavours but I am yet to hear complains about that.

Do give try it out, it really is an extraordinary experience for our little explorers.

You can get your Pretend Melting Ice cream  from Sophia’s Playroom .

Do have a look at our Facebook and Instagram pages for more sensory play inspiration and let us know how you play with Pretend Melting Ice Cream.

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